Follow Friday: AromaWeb

AromaWeb Logo

AromaWeb has been the premier destination for aromatherapists, clients, and interested persons since its foundation in 1997. The website supported 4 million page views in 2011 alone (more than 50 million hits!). Featuring a bevy of information on aromatherapeutic oil usage, including more than 110 essential and carrier oil profiles (complete with uses, chemical breakdowns, and safety information)  this website is surely the Wikipedia of aromatherapeutic practice!

Browse the extensive list of articles for information ranging from basic aromatherapy infromation through to history, safety, and how to select and blend oils correctly. There are many more pieces written on more targeted subjects, such as headaches, weight loss, even the family pet!

If applied aromatherapy is more your thing, visit the recipes page, which features over 60 different catagorised and cross-referenced blends, including those for skincare, household cleaning, emotional and mental health, and many more. Should you wish to delve further into aromatherapy, there is also a section featuring book reviews and a list of useful non-commercial links that may be of interest. The website also features an extensive global business directory, should you be interested in purchasing aromatherapy oils or searching for a therapist in your area.

Follow Friday: The Massage Nerd

'Welcome to the information highway of massage therapy' trumpets the home page of The Massage Nerd. The website certainly delivers on this promise: boasting the largest repository of information on massage of any website worldwide, MN is filled to the brim with information for anyone interested in massage and holistic practices.

The website is a fascinating resource for the active massage therapist, containing over 2, 000 massage videos, 10, 000 massage pictures and charts, thousands of test questions and a selection of free e-books, packed with plenty of introductory information on massage techniques as diverse as Thai massage, Sports, Reflexology and more, as well as an overview of more obscure massage techniques. Not just a resource for the established practitioner, Massage Nerd also includes plenty of basic information for the student therapist or curious client, including how to put together a consult form, handle a business practice, body mechanics for the therapist and a history of massage. If you're interested in expanding your understanding of the treatments we provide here at Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage, The Massage Nerd is a five-star resource.

Follow Friday: Lynns Neal's Yard Store

In case you didn't know about it, our lovely therapist Lynn Turner is also a Neal's Yard Remedies consultant.
What is Neal's Yard Remedies you ask?

Neal's Yard Remedies, pioneer and the UK's foremost destination for organic natural health and beauty, is proud to be part of the 'Why I Love Organic' campaign. A family-owned British company, their award-winning ethical, scientifically formulated, certified organic products ­ the largest in the UK ­ is made in their eco-factory in Dorset with sustainably sourced and home grown certified organic ingredients.

I personally love their Wild Rose Beauty Balm, I have pretty temperamental skin,  sometimes dry and flaky, sometimes spewing more oil than the Exxon Valdez, but I find that this Balm balances my skin leaving it soft and supple and it smells AMAZING!


This balm can be used in 3 ways - as a deep nourishing balm for dry skin, for simple cleansing and exfoliating, or as part of a full facial treatment to decongest and enrich the skin.

  1. Deep Nourishment Use on dry or sun-damaged areas to restore and nourish. Apply sparingly to clean, dry skin.

  2. Simple Cleansing Cleanse excess make up from the skin and moisten face with warm water. Gently massage balm into skin. Run cloth under hot tap, squeeze out water and use it to wipe off balm in gentle circular movements.

  3. Full Facial Cleanse excess make up from skin before you start. Run the muslin cloth under hot water, squeeze out and place it over your face to warm the skin and open pores. Repeat. Apply balm in a gentle circular motion, avoiding eyes. Run cloth under hot water again and place over the face. The warmth allows the oils to infuse and the balm to penetrate the skin. Rinse the cloth and use it to wipe the balm away, exfoliating and cleansing as you go. Finally run the cloth under cold water and place over the skin to close the pores.

So if you fancy trying some new, organic skin care, you should check out her online store: Holistic Solutions
If you want to chat about options for skin care, you can visit Lynn at our clinic on Thursdays and Fridays, when you can check out samples, discuss your skincare needs and pick up a catalogue.


Follow Friday: Rosslyn Alternatives

Have you ever considered a career in Massage Therapy?
While visiting our clinic have you thought "Ohhh I could do that!"?

Rosslyn Alternatives hosts Foundation Massage weekends, which are two day events to give you some Education and practice at Massage Therapy:

For just £100 for the two day course, you learn a range of techniques along with the theory and practice of Holistic Massage.

If you enjoy the Foundation workshop, why not consider signing up to participate in the Diploma of Holistic Massage:


Classes are scheduled regularly at the custom school location in Livingston, West Lothian.
The teaching staff are amazingly knowledgeable and gifted, and so welcoming and friendly.

I am signed up to participate in their Indian Head Massage Diploma course later this year, so that I can fulfil my continued Professional Development requirements, but also so I can bring you the latest and greatest treatments and services.

You can visit their website:
Or follow them on twitter:



Follow Friday: The Federation of Holistic Therapists

Since I just received my new membership details and updated insurance documents today, I figured it was time I did a Follow Friday for the FHT.

The FHT are the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and my organization of choice in the UK.
The enrolment process was very simple,  considering they had to verify my US qualifications, but it was painless, and the membership fees and insurance fees are very reasonable.

They provide local "support and supervision" groups for networking and learning new skills, as well as regular Continued Education courses so that you can keep your CEU requirements up to date.

What I really like is that they go to battle when they feel that the Massage and Complementary Therapy  Industry is being mis-represented, most recently in episodes of the Apprentice, and Coronation Street.

You can follow them on Twitter:!/fht_org
Or at their main website:


You can also attend their annual training conference at the Birmingham NEC as part of the  Holistic Health conference.

Follow Friday: Laura Allen

If you are an aspiring Massage Therapist, recent graduate, or are purely looking for inspiration to help you revamp your clinic and services, I cannot recommend Laura Allen enough.
I first discovered Laura whilst in  Massage School, and was looking for study guides for taking the licensing exams, after that I fell in love with her materials.
She is a fantastic writer, knowledgeable and humorous. Her experience in the industry gives credit to the advice that she offers, and after putting her advice into practice, I can honestly say she is spot on.

You can follow her on Twitter, her Twittername is @LauraAllenMT  or at her blog above.
However I would highly recommend for any therapist her book One Year to a Successful Massage Practice

Follow Friday:Rockabye Baby Music

I've decided i'm going to use fridays to highlight some people, products or things that I love or use in the clinic.

My first Follow Friday is going to go to Rockabye baby Music, on twitter they are @rockabyebaby

I was introduced to their albums about two years ago not long before I started my massage training, and soon discovered how much I LOVED listening to their music while working on clients.
The lullabye style of music is soothing, and light, and I find that I feel more calm and grounded when I'm working while listening to the music.
This my friends is not the best part of  this story though, the secret behind Rockabye Baby's success is that the albums they produce, are all of popular rock bands and artists.

Who wouldn't love listening to lullabye versions of Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana,  No Doubt, Kanye West and so much more.

I've slowly been collecting their albums as we go along, and can't wait until I have the full collection, you should check them out.
Here is a sample of their Lullabye rendition of  Def Leppard's Pour some sugar on me!
Pour Some Sugar On Me by rockabyebabymusic

Wii Gaming Related Injuries

The latest craze in family computing and fitness regimes appears to be with the Wii Fit.
There are a plethora of Exercise games, such as Wii Sports, which can be played on the Wii system using the Balance Board and the Motion Sensor controller to judge your ability to perform the exercises correctly.

Unfortunately, along with the craze has come a new form of Injury.
The Wii Injury.

Many games involve a lot of fast paced, arm movements, or if you are as graceful as I am, flailing, holding the WiiMote to record your movement.
This can cause stress related injuries in the Rotator Cuff, Shoulders, Neck and Back.

You also want to be careful of your grip on your WiiMote or Nunchuck, as they have a reputation for slipping out of peoples hands and damaging furniture and entertainment centers.

The Balance Board can cause a few problems of its own, from ankle sprains which occur from falling off the board form unsure footing, to tripping over the board if you get too tired to lift your feet high enough.

As with any Exercise regime, it is best to consult your Doctor if you have any qualms.
Take your time, and follow the instructions and you should be having fun and getting fit in no time.


On the 12th day of Christmas

Amazon gave to me, a bottle of Biotone Nutri-Naturals Massage creme.

I received some of this lotion from my Instructor Charlie after the Massage School burned  down. The Jar was a little sooty, but the creme had been kept in the back of the classroom far from the heat of the fire. I opened it to smell it and make sure the lotion itself hadn't been damaged, and have been using it on my husband for my practice massages. Although there are some clients who may not be able to have this creme used on them due to allergies, I really enjoy the scent and the consistency of the creme. The blend contains Avacado and Carrot extract, and gives a great glide without feeling slippery, or leaving the clients skin feeling oily or greasy.  As the weather has become dry and cold, I've even found myself using this on the sandpaper I try to pass off as skin on my legs. My skin just soaks it up,  and feels great all day afterwards. If you are looking for something new to try out, if you are like me, and like to change up lotions etc with the seasons, then this is my pick for you.

Book Review: The Magic Touch

A bad habit I have when I get interested in something is buying and reading every and any book about the subject I can get my hands on.
One of the first I found was "The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist".
Meagan Holub seemed inviting when I did some research on her, and found her website: Hundred Thousand Dollar Massage and I felt like I could relate to her a lot.
She does run her own Massage clinic after all, and must be somewhat successful to have written a book based on her experience.

I wasnt expecting the book to be the Ultimate guide to an awesome Career in Massage therapy, but I did find it to be Inspirational, and will be keeping it on hand to re-read during
those times when Im feeling defeated.
The Advice was common sense in the business world, with a twist to make it more relevant to the Massage Therapy field, however most of it (I would hope) is information you would
learn as you go through your schooling.
I was a little disappointed by the quality of the book, mainly from the editing point of view. I think having a few more proof readers would have helped me enjoy the read a bit better.
I found myself getting frustrated about 30 page in by the regularity of the mistakes and how difficult it made reading the book.

After some research I found that the edition I purchased was somewhat a "Rough Draft" of the book and that there were several revisions going into place prior to the next
print, I think it would have been nice to know this in advance so I wasnt so confused during my first read through.

Overall the book was fun to read and made the thought of running your own Massage Business a little less scary for the n00bs like me.
Great as a confidence booster and for some advertising advice, I hope that I will be able to get a look at the next batch to see that the few quirks it had have been cleaned up making
the book a much more pleasant read. I would definitely recommend it as a go to book when inspiration is low.