Coconut Compress is here!

We have recently introduced our new Coconut Compresses and they are a hit!

The gentle fragrance of the coconut is quite the opposite of our herbal compress, It is sweet yet subtle and smells delicious as you drift into a world of relaxation. 



There is only 1 ingredient in the compress.. Pure Coconut.
It is 100% natural and when they are soaked and steamed all of the coconuts natural oils are released onto your skin. It provides skin conditioning benefits as coconut is a source of anti-oxidants plus and excellent moisturizer.


As you may know coconut oil is a wonderful thing to have. It has many uses and benefits:


  1. Replenishes dead skin cells, making you look younger
  2. 3 in 1 cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer
  3. Vitamin E makes it great for hair and skin
  4. Adds shine and volume to long hair.
  5. The high Lauric acid makes it great if you have skin complaints as it is a natural healer
  6. Helps the body burn fat quicker by speeding up the metabolism
  7. Effective against dandruff, itchy scalp and skin diseases.


Coconut is renowned for it's main properties of conditioning the skin and hair so it's just perfect to use with our Table Thai, Ultimate Thai Massage and also Face & Scalp massages. 


If you would like to try our new Coconut Compresses please call 01506 238366 and request them when booking.


The Ultimate Thai Experience!

We are excited to announce the introduction of our "Ultimate Thai Experience" Package.

This is a carefully constructed treatment which lasts between 90 and 115 minutes and comprises of a combination of our Table Thai , our Thai Herbal Compress, and Thai Foot Massage services.

A complete treatment which will Massage, Stretch, Relax and sooth you from top to toe, whilst letting you sample each of our newest offerings at the clinic.

Each session will be adjusted to ofer just the right amount of each modality to suit your needs, or preferences.
Would you rather have 40 minutes of Thai foot, and then split the rest of the time between the Table Thai and Thai Herb Compress? Simply let your therapist know during your consultation and we'll ensure you receive the treatment you desire.

This special package which lasts almost TWO HOURS is available for £70.
You will also get to keep your Herb Compresses to take home with you and use as Pot Pourri or as an additive to a relaxing bath, what better way to make the experience last even longer?

If you would like to book in for one of these sessions, or would simply like to ask more questions about the offering, give us a call on 01506 238366 

The benefits of Thai Massage ~ Caitlin Moffat

Over the past 10 years or so, Thai massage has gradually been making it’s way to the UK, and for me as a therapist that is fantastic!
It is becoming increasingly popular among clinics and spa’s all over the UK and if you have ever received a Thai massage you'll understand why!


Thai massage comes in many different forms, and is practiced in many different ways, depending on the therapist.
Traditional Thai massage is different from regular massage because it is performed with the client on a mat on the floor rather than a massage couch/bed.
There is also a lot more active & passive stretching

- Active stretching is when the client contributes to the stretch

- Passive stretching is when the therapist is performing the stretch on the client with no help from the               client

They also work along Thai SEN Lines, or energy lines which are believed to be channels in which the energy flows around the body. So by working along these lines you are helping move energy round the body and keep it flowing. 

Thai massage is perfect for people who suffer from range of motion issues, stiff joints, body builders, athletes, anyone who has mobility issues and may be unable or uncomfortable on the couch, etc.

For those who have range of motion issues, joint stiffness & mobility issues, Thai massage is more suited because of the stretching. The stretches will be used to gently loosen tightened muscles that may be lying over joints and causing pain, stiffness, swelling and lack of mobility. It can also lengthen the muscles to their original state helping the results last longer.

For those who are very active; such as athletes, body builders, personal trainers etc, the end goal (usually) is to gain muscle tone, and in doing so you increase the muscle mass. As the muscles increase loss or restricted flexibility can occur along with lessened range of motion and possibly mobility, compared to those with lesser muscle mass, because the muscle fibers have increased in width and breadth. Again, the stretching will help lengthen and loosen the muscles returning them to there original state.

Much research has been done into benefits of thai massage and how it can help people and there are several conditions which can specifically benefit from receiving Thai Massage:

  • Muscle strain
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress
  • Migraines
  • Postural issues
  • Inactive patients (elderly with limited movement)
  • Chronic joint disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's
  • Neurological diseases
  • Metabolism & Circulation disorders
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Menstrual pains
  • Digestion disorders


In Thailand research was done on patients who suffer from scapulocostal syndrome (SCS) to see  how the pain, muscle tension and anxiety are affected by Thai massage. Scapulocostal Syndrome  is a musculoskeletal pain syndrome that affects the shoulder blade. The pain can affect the upper and posterior parts of the shoulder but can also be uncomfortable in the head, neck, arms and chest areas. 

Only 20 subjects were selected and were aged between 18 & 50 years old. The patients said to suffer from “spontaneous scapular pain that lasted more than 12 weeks, and had at least one trigger point in the scapular region”

The 20 subjects were randomly assigned to 2 groups. One group received “30-min session of Traditional thai massage (TTM) for  9 sessions over a period of 3 weeks around the scapula region” The same therapist was used for all 9 treatments.

The other 10 were assigned to a group which received only “30-min sessions of heat pack and ultrasound therapy (for 10 min) for 9 sessions over 3 weeks”


From the research the results indicated that the patients received more long term relief from the TTM group than the non-massage group. There was no difference between the two groups concerning any immediate pain relief but as long term solution Thai massage can greatly reduce pain, tension and anxiety in patients who suffer from pain in the back, neck and shoulders.

“We may therefore conclude that the treatment by TTM among patients with SCS was superior to the PT”


To read the full article please click on the following link: