Sorry for the silence: Study break

Unfortunately my day job got in the way of both my writing here, as well as my studying and practice time for Massage School.
I have 2 weeks left of my current semester and im on the home stretch for my practice hours.

What did or do you find to be your most effective study tool?
At the moment I am using a combination of Flash cards, which is a new concept for me, as well as Videos and iPhone apps/games to quiz me on my anatomy.

I will say that the videos I absolutely love, I ripped them for my iPhone so now I walk around with Human Cadaver videos on my phone, when I have some downtime I like to watch them and see the muscles and bony landmarks.

We use this DVD in class when studying muscle, and I liked it so much I got myself a copy.
It's also nice to know that Acland teaches here locally at the University of Louisville.

If you are in the UK the videos have a very "Open University" feel to it, but are a great study tool for visual learners.

How do you learn and what are some of your favourite resources?