After your massage.

A client recently reminded me how important it is to follow any recommendations made to you by the therapist after your session.
Generally I will offer my aftercare advise to the client at the end of their session while they are checking out, but I realized that I didn't really have anything available in print, or online to reinforce this information.

I have posted a new page which outlines this information, and also lists some possible after-effects of massage:

As your therapist, I care deeply about the results of our sessions, and want to ensure that you receive the best care, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how you feel post-massage.

Small Businesses Beware!

I will ashamedly hold my hand up, and admit, that I was not so smart in the first 6 months of doing business.
I heard the word "Advertising" and lots of numbers about how many people would see my Ads and thought "Oh Yes Please, I am a new business and need all the help I can get!".

Sadly as the new year has started, I have been uncovering more and more scams that people have been trying to pull on me, or have unfortunately been successful in pulling off on me.

After realizing I was the victim of a marketing scam, I did some research and discovered a page posted by the FHT which describes what happens.

As I started reading, I recognized a lot of the names coming up.
The companies which I have fallen victim to, are listed below:
Digital Jupiter
Emergency Services Press
Authoized Publications Ltd
Staff Discounts UK

I have also been contacted toda by MLP Media another company known for false-selling practices.

Also check ou the advice give by Safe From Scams, to make sure that you don't fall prey to these unethical practices.

If you are local to West Lothian, the two marketing resources I have had some success with, is the West Lothian Business Directory, as well as the "Up the Street" Mailer, otherwise my advice to you would be "Don't agree to any advertising deals immediately, tell the sales rep you will need time to discuss the offer, and then DO YOUR RESEARCH!"

Service Industry Discount Day!

Having worked in the Service Industry myself for many years, I know how much of a stressfull and thankless job it can be. So to honor those who deal with this type of work day in and day out, I am introducing "Service Industry Discount Day".
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West Lothian Business Directory Savings Card

This is an amazing deal, that won't ever be offered again, or with any other savings card scheme or promotion. The West Lothian Business Directory has just been published, and there is an amazing offer from Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage on page 12.
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10 minutes is all it takes

According to a recent study by The Touch Institute, a 10 minute massage can boost alertness.
The study showed that brain wave activity is stimulated and linked to improved attention span.

At Wee Sallys clinic in Bathgate we offer 10 minute chair massage sessions on a walk-in basis for only £5.

What better way to clear out the afternoon cobwebs, and refresh yourself ready to take on the rest of the day, than stopping by for 10 minutes of relaxation?

Stop by the clinic at 48H North Bridge Street, Bathgate and find out why we are one of the best massage clinics in West Lothian.