Availability Week Ending September 24th.

Some reschedule has occurred and opened up some appointments for this week.
Edinburgh: Monday September 19th
130pm, 5pm and 630pm

Bathgate: Tuesday September 20th
12pm, 130pm, 3pm

Wednesday September 21st
12pm, 5pm

Thursday September 22nd
12pm 530pm

Friday September 23rd
12pm until 8pm

Saturday September 24th

Call us now to make an appointment 01506 238366
Or book online: http://tinyurl.com/bookmassage

Availability for the Week Ending April 9th 2011

Every Monday I will be posting my Availability for the upcoming week. Hopefully this will help you discover if there is an appointment slot that will suit your schedule.

These dates and times will change dependent on new appointments, so I will update my Facebook Page each day with changes.

Tuesday April 5th:

Wednesday April 6th:

Thursday April 7th:

Friday April 8th:

Saturday April 9th:
10am, then 1230pm-5pm

Call me on 01506 238366 to schedule your appointment, or email me contact@weesally.
Alternatively, you can book online by going to http://tinyurl.com/bookmassage

Dont forget that from now until Easter Sunday, when you donate an Easter egg for St Johns childrens ward, you will receive £5 off your 60 or 90 minute massage.