Should alternative medicine be available on the NHS?

4 thought TV is a weekly show on Channel 4, which asks a question related to a specific moral or ethical quandary, then presents 7 videos from different people involved with the issue in order to stimulate debate. This week 4 thought TV will be focusing on the question: 'Should alternative medicine be available on the NHS?'

Short talks are available on the 4thought TV website, ranging from those from practising natural therapists to licensed doctors. There are also opinions from patients that have been involved with natural therapies, such as Andrea Giles, diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2009, who talks about her use of natural therapies to help her through her illness. At the other end of the opinion scale is Dr. Raymond Tallis, who asserts that certain therapies are 'anti-educational' and 'ineffective.'

Balancing the scales are Bowen Therapist Martina Hinds, whose personal experience with fibromyalgia and spondylosis lead her to a career as a massage therapist, and qualified herbalist Leanna Broom, who asserts that 'herbal medicine is thousands of years old, and has proven itself to work.' She believes that complementary therapists should be funded by the NHS, 'to help thousands of people to alleviate their suffering.'

Occupying the middle ground are Sense About Science campaigner Sile Lane, osteopath and MD Professor David Tallis and Steven Issilis, whose wife died of cancer while obtaining both conventional and complementary therapies. The arguments provided are thought provoking, and already a healthy debate is raging in the forum. Make up your mind at here at 4thought TV online.