Fibromyalgia Week!

On Sunday September 16th, I will be talking with the West Lothian Fibromyalgia Support group in West Calder.
In the build up to my talk with the group, I am going to be writing a little every day about Fibromyalgia, it's symptoms, treatment options and how including Massage Therapy into your personal healthcare plan can help relieve the chronic pain associated with this condition.


So what  is Fibromyalgia?
There are many discussions over how Fibromyalgia can be defined but in most cases it is known as a "Chronic syndrome characterized by generalized pain, joint rigidity and intense fatigue. Other frequently associated symptoms are sleep alterations, headache, spastic colon, anxiety and depression." (Castro-Sanchez, 2011).

Unfortunately at the moment there is no known cure for Fibromyalgia, which means that current treatments focus on relieving or controling the symptoms produced by the condition.

We hope you will stay tuned over the next few days, as we dicuss Fibromyalgia in greater details, and offer Massage modalities, treatment methods, and self care techniques which can help make life more comfortable for Fibromyalgia suffers. 


Now accepting Credit/Debit/Chip&Pin payments

I'm happy to announce that as of Monday October 18th, Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage clinic in Bathgate will be accepting card payments.
For those of you who, like me don't like to carry a lot of cash, this is the perfect solution.

It also allows for you to consider the purchasing of our Gift Vouchers which can be bought for specific massage sessions, or be bought with a specific face value to be used over a number of visits.

Finally, a reminder that we also offer discount packages for blocks of 5 and 10, 60 minute massages.
A block of 5x 60 minute massages will cost £140 which is a saving of £25.
A block of 10x 60 minute massages will cost £270 which is a saving of £80

With the countdown to Christmas about to begin, why not consider block purchases, or gift vouchers as the perfect stocking filler this year.