Massage in the News

The BBC published an article today which outlines the benefits that Patients who suffer from Facial Palsy have been receiving from regular Oral massage.
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By stretching the inside of the cheeks of several patients who have complete facial nerve palsy with a finger, while performing routine checks for ulcerations or trauma, Ms Clapham caused the paralysed facial muscles to move - something not seen before.

Oral massage is a very specialized skill, which is slowly being introduced by dental practices and specialized massage clinics.
As well as assisting clients with Facial palsy, Oral and facial massage can also assist those suffering from TMJ Disorder, as well as relieve discomfort and pain from those who chronically clench their jaws, causing grinding of the teeth and sometimes an over, or under bite.

Although we do not offer internal Oral massage at the moment, Wee Sally's does offer treatment for TMJ and this can be included in your regular massage treatment should you request it.

Massage, because it feels good!

I could go on, and on about the benefits, both those backed by research, and those that are anecdotal, but the best reason to book yourself in for a massage, for me is nothing more than the fact that it feels good.
We all owe it to ourselves to do things which make us feel good, and a Massage is the perfect opportunity to get some rest, relaxation, and just feel good all over.

After the first week of the school holidays, I'm sure a lot of you are starting to feel a bit frazzled, so make some time for yourself and get booked in for a massage.
My availability for the week ending April 23rd, is as follows:

Tuesday April 19th: 12pm-7pm
Wednesday April 20th: 12pm-7pm
Thursday April 21st: 12pm-3pm and 530pm-7pm
Friday April 22nd: 12pm-4pm and 630pm
Saturday April 23rd: 10am and 1230pm-5pm

We're on the run up to the Easter weekend too, dont forget that if you schedule a 60 minute or 90 minutes massage between now and Easter Sunday, and bring in an Easter Egg for donation to St Johns Hospital Childrens Ward, you will receive a £5 discount on your massage.

Making up Easter Baskets as gifts for Family, Friends, or your local Church?
Why not purchase a Massage Gift Certificate, and sneak that into the basket too?
Gift certificates can be purchased for a specific massage, or for a monetary value both in the clinic, or online

I hope you have a great week,

Service Industry Discount Day!

Having worked in the Service Industry myself for many years, I know how much of a stressfull and thankless job it can be. So to honor those who deal with this type of work day in and day out, I am introducing "Service Industry Discount Day".
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Special Offer: Limited Time Only

For a limited time only, receive a Hot Stone Therapy massage for the same price of your regular massage.

A hot stone therapy can:
    * boost your circulation
    * release stored tension
    * recharge your energy levels
    * relax you.

Hot stone therapy can offer health benefits for people with:
    * muscular pain
    * poor circulation
    * rheumatic and arthritic conditions
    * fibromyalgia
    * multiple sclerosis (MS)
    * back pain
    * stress
    * insomnia
    * depression.

As with all massage therapies, you should never underestimate the feel-good factor. Hot stone massage will make you feel nurtured, pampered and special.

West Lothian Business Directory Savings Card

This is an amazing deal, that won't ever be offered again, or with any other savings card scheme or promotion. The West Lothian Business Directory has just been published, and there is an amazing offer from Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage on page 12.
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Police Federation Discount Scheme

Wee Sally's Therapeutic Massage clinic is a proud member of the new Police Federation Savings card scheme.
We are offering a £5 discount on massages of 60 mins or more each time you show your Discount Card.

We look forward to your business, and help in finding you relief from pain and injury.

Now accepting Credit/Debit/Chip&Pin payments

I'm happy to announce that as of Monday October 18th, Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage clinic in Bathgate will be accepting card payments.
For those of you who, like me don't like to carry a lot of cash, this is the perfect solution.

It also allows for you to consider the purchasing of our Gift Vouchers which can be bought for specific massage sessions, or be bought with a specific face value to be used over a number of visits.

Finally, a reminder that we also offer discount packages for blocks of 5 and 10, 60 minute massages.
A block of 5x 60 minute massages will cost £140 which is a saving of £25.
A block of 10x 60 minute massages will cost £270 which is a saving of £80

With the countdown to Christmas about to begin, why not consider block purchases, or gift vouchers as the perfect stocking filler this year.

Discounts and new features!

I was grateful to receive my copies of Issue 1 of Whitburn and Armadales "Up the Street" brochure today. This will be distributed over he next week to all homes in the Whitburn and Armadale areas, so keep your eye our for our Ad to receive £10.00 off a 90 Min massage, which is regularly priced at £45.00.
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Amazing Deal: One Week Only

I will never offer this pricing again, for one week only July 19th-25th a 90 Minute Massage will cost you £25.
Contact me to book your appointment now.
Only 8 spaces left, so don't miss out.
Help me raise the funds to pay for the shop signage.

Remember the Bathgate clinic opens at 12 noon Monday July 19th.
It's everyBody deserves a massage week, and a fund-raising week for the clinic, so come along and join the fun.