The Best Laid Plans

Good Morning Everyone, 
I hope you have had a great week, and are looking forward to the fun events around central Scotland this weekend.
Bathgate has the Pipe Band Championships, and it is also the Edinburgh Marathon this weekend.

I wanted to write to you all to thank you for the support over the last few months as I got through the last term of my pregnancy, and although I had hoped that I could continue to work up until Saturday 25th of May, it seems that my insistence to push on has caused a few more issues than I would have liked.

On Wednesday May 22nd I started having some health issues, and after trying to resolve them with my local healthcare practitioners, I ended up in the hospital and being admitted for more monitoring and tests.
Although my symptoms eased off on the Thursday, they are still of a concern so I will receive ongoing tests and monitoring every few days now until the Baby finally makes her arrival.

I have been allowed to come home but ordered to rest, and take it as easy as possible.

The good news is that baby is lovely and healthy, it's just mother incubator that is starting to fail.

I want to first apologize to anyone who may have had an appointment scheduled with me Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Caitlin has been attempting to contact everyone since Wednesday night to update them on the status of their appointment. Our first goal is to ensure that your original appointment can be covered by Caitlin, however if that is not possible we are attempting to reschedule for the first available appointment that is suitable to your needs.

I feel terrible that I have had to cancel some appointments, and can only apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing people, but at the moment my health has become a priority.

I hope that we will have some news regarding the baby in the next few days/weeks and then we can start to plan my return to the clinic.
I am sure you will all be in very capable hands with Caitlin during my leave.
If you have any issues and would like to contact me, I can still be reached at

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Kindest Regards,
Sally Chamness 

Cancellation Policy Reminder

Unfortunately over the past week we have experienced an increasing number of "No Call, No Shows" at the clinic.
This can be very stressful and costly to us as we have reserved this space specifically for a client, preventing others from being able to schedule at this time.

We also have costs which are associated with our appointments such as salaries, utilities etc which quickly add up.

We have a Cancellation Policy listed on our Terms and Conditions page, this is also listed on our booking application, and displayed in our Clinic Reception.

All cancellations or reschedules require a 24 hour notice or they will be subject to charges.

Appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of half the cost of the scheduled service.

Appointments that are missed that neglected to give notice (no call, no show) will result in a charge of the full cost of the scheduled service.

We hate having to re-enforce this issue, however it is important that we are able to offer our clients the best time slots available and when our schedule is restricted by appointments which do not occur, we are prevented from doing this.

We are contactable by email at 24 hours a day, and by phone on 01506 238366.
If no one is available to pick up your call, our voicemail system will kick in and all that we need is a brief message to let us know that you need to cancel or reschedule.

Should you no call, no show a new appointment cannot be booked until the balance of the previous appointment has been settled.