Treatments that can be performed during Pregnancy.

Reflexology is great for pregnant women as it takes the strain off their feet and can also reduce swelling around the lower leg and feet, but as the feet have reflex points which match certain organs, and muscles in the body the ankles should be avoided as a precaution. This is because the reflex point connected to the ankles is the uterus. 

Reflexology can also be used in conjunction with other treatments such as pedicures, paraffin wax masks, hot booties etc. all these are great as the increase the blood flow to the feet and can reduce swelling. Plus, who does’t love getting a relaxing foot rub right?

Facials are perfect for pregnant woman as towards the start and middle of pregnancy, due to hormones going Crazy! Women tend to find their skin gets breakouts, becomes over oily or dry, the products they were using before either don’t work now or cannot be used. This can put people down because they become even more self conscious so why not try a facial treatment?

Facials involve a full skin analysis which is done after a first cleanse. This reveals what your skin is like and we can identify the appropriate products to use. Facials normally involve cleanse, tone and moisturize but also masques, exfoliation and usually a face/scalp massage. This type of treatment can improve the skin after just one session by increasing circulation, regulating the sebaceous glands (these control how much oil is secreted onto the skin) but also just by using the right products you can keep it clean, moisturized but also protect it from the weather. Your therapist may also recommend some products for you to use at home.


Massage during pregnancy is wonderfully relaxing for anyone. It can help many issues women get during this stressful time, such as releasing tension in the shoulders, reduce lower back pain from carrying the extra weight, reduce swelling, improve appetite, improve mood (due to release of endorphins) etc and you can pick from a wide variety of massages and even mix and match them with other treatments, for example: Get a back, neck & shoulder massage to reduce back pain then reflexology to reduce swelling in the feet. Massage is also great because it helps flush out all the waste products and bad bacteria that is carried around your body.