Protecting your Childs Back

Now that the kids have gone back to school one guaranteed item of their must-have list is their schoolbag or back pack.
Not only should we be concerned about the health of our own backs from our day to day activities, we also need to consider the health of our children, as bad posture habits start early, and an ill-fitting or over burdoned backpack is one of the first causes of back and neck pain in school children.

I have linked below an article which addresses things you should consider when purchasing, and loading up your kids backpack, and also suggestions on how to prevent the backpack from causing lasting pain and injuries.

Backpack Safety


Important things to remember:

  • Never purchase a backpack that is too large, or too small for your child.
  • Try to encourage your child to wear both straps, as this distributes the weight that they will carry.
  • Try not to overstuff the backpack with every book the child owns, do they really need EVERY book EVERY day?
  • Teach your child how to lift properly, bending their knees, and not putting too much strain on their back.


We hope this helps ease your kid back into school, and helps minimize the stress of those first few weeks.