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I was grateful to receive my copies of Issue 1 of Whitburn and Armadales "Up the Street" brochure today. This will be distributed over he next week to all homes in the Whitburn and Armadale areas, so keep your eye our for our Ad to receive £10.00 off a 90 Min massage, which is regularly priced at £45.00.
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Back to School at last!

The summer holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the years for parents.
Between having to keep the kids entertained for 7 weeks, planning a summer getaway and juggling your job on top of all that.
Now the sweet little cherubs are back at school again, and finally you can let out a sigh of relief.

The following article from Massage 101 describes how Stress can affect your life, and the positive benefits of receiving a massage to help handle stress in your life:
Prolonged periods of stress can negatively affect many systems of the body.

Stress has been shown to aggravate, or even cause, such problems as heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, memory loss and decreased immune function. But it doesn’t just contribute to physical ailments. Stress can sap joy from your life, cause seemingly inexplicable fatigue, and leave you less able to enjoy your relationships and leisure activities.

Loved ones can become unfortunate victims of stress in your life. You will find yourself less patient and less able to mentally engage with the people you care about.

Massage therapy is one of the best antidotes for stress. We know this is true on an intuitive level. If even the untrained hands of a friend or partner can soothe aches and pains, and diminish anxiety, then imagine the effect of a therapeutic massage by a trained practitioner. Even the rituals of massage come as a welcome break from our hurried lives: dimmed lights, soothing music, the pleasant fragrance of a mild oil or candle - even without massage, these might help you relax. But coupled with the right massage techniques,  you’ll actually feel the stress leaving.

Massage boosts the body’s immune system, which can become compromised from extended periods of stress. Tension can build up in the muscles, causing a decrease in circulation and nutrient delivery to tissues.

Manipulation of the soft tissue decreases muscular tension, increases removal of metabolic waste and promotes nutrient delivery to healing tissue. Knots in your muscles can inhibit your ability to perform regular, daily tasks. As other parts of your body try to compensate for the ache of a tight muscle, they also start to become tight and uncomfortable. Before long, an injury that began in your neck can trace to your shoulder, down your arm and into your wrist. The reaction chain can take innumerable forms, but none of them are pleasant.

In short, with a therapeutic massage stress can be significantly reduced. This, in turn, will increase energy, improve your outlook on life, and in the process boost your immune system function. Coupled with modest changes in nutrition and activity levels, massage can be the start of a profound change for the better in your health and well-being.

So why not book yourself in with me and treat yourself to a massage to unwind from the stressful holiday season?

Laura's List!

One of the Therapists I respect most in the Massage Industry, Laura Allen has recently redesigned her website, and with this has created a list of reputable massage therapists throughout the world, so that anyone visiting her site can find a safe, comfortable massage experience.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be included in her list, and want to thank her for considering me and putting my site on there.

If you are traveling and looking for a legitimate Massage Therapist, please consider checking out Laura's List.

Also if you are a Student, or Newly licensed Massage Therapist I highly recommend Laura's excellent books on the Massage Industry and certification, available from

Clinic Progress

The hardest part about getting my business going, is setting up the clinic and making sure the facilities are good enough for my clients. As I am a bit of a perfectionist, this has often caused me a sleepless night or two, or three.
The good news is that now that it's coming to the crunch, things are finally coming together.
I have the decorating team in this week painting the interior, and this weekend the company who are doing the signage, and window decals will get started.

Once everything has been completed, I am hoping to be posting some before and after shots, and just some nice shots to let you check out the clinic and see what you have in store when you come to visit.

Don't forget that I am now taking appointments for the clinic, call me or email me if you would like to schedule an appointment with me, and remember Tuesday is Lollipop day, and for those lucky few who schedule an appointment for that day (only 4 places left) you will receive a free Lollipop gift.