Swedish Massage


One of our most popular  therapeutic massage treatments, the light to medium pressure helps relieve stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation.
Swedish Massage is the basis for all massage modalities and treatment types.

Deep Tissue Massage


Based on Swedish massage, the focus is on massaging deeper muscle layers and connective tissues called fascia. Additional techniques are used that increase the depth and intensity of the massage, including Soft Tissue release and Trigger point therapy.

The aim of this massage is to give you relief from stress, pain and the promotion of greater mobility.

Choose this massage if you:  are under a lot of stress,  suffer from back or shoulder pain, just want to relax and unwind



Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit.

It works with the pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural, complementary therapy which is said to help improve both physical and emotional well-being. Aromatherapy is often used in therapeutic massage with the benefits of relaxing or uplifting fragrances.

Hot & Cold Stone


Hot and Cold Stone therapy treatments either as a stand alone service, or in conjunction with our regular massage.

There are several different methods of using stones in a Massage treatment.
Placement: Placement involves positioning the stones on certain areas of the body, and resting them there to allow the heat to penetrate the muscle tissue and assist in relaxing the muscles to allow deeper penetration when massaging those areas.

Gliding and massage: Effective hot stone massageuses tthe stones as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle masage at a pressure level that the client is cmofortable with.

The heat from the stones relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to thearea being worked, assisting in the acceleration of the healing process.



Reflexology is a popular and relaxing treatment based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops, and sides of the feet correspond to areas throughout the body.
In this way, the feet can be seen as a map of the body.

Reflexologists work on the reflex points with their thumbs, fingers or knuckles, using specialised massage techniques, thought to help correct imbalances throughout the body.

Hot Stone


Hot Stone Reflexology originated in India and China and has been around for centuries. Ancient civilisations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind. As the name implies, the treatment involves using smooth stones which are heated in water.

The stones relax the body at its deepest level and are effective in creating harmony and balance. The subtle warmth of stone introduced into a treatment calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state.

Corporate Massage


We provide on-site Chair Massage, also known as Seated Accupressure that is designed to meet the requirements of the corporate sector. Our massage treatments are specifically adapted for the office, meeting room or conference centre by therapists who are fully qualified.

Services can be provided in the Workplace or at Off-site meetings

Boost productivity and lower stress at executive meetings, either on or off-site, by offering an invigorating massage to promote concentration. Massages can be scheduled between sessions or members can take time out when they are “off agenda”. Board, executive or team meetings will no longer be a chore, but become a positive and effective team experience.



The KinesioTaping® is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows
for full range of motion.
Examples of what Kinesio Tape can be  used for are:
muscular facilitation or inhibition in paediatric patients, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain
(subluxations, herniated disc), knee conditions, shoulder conditions, hamstring, groin injury, rotator  cuff injury, whiplash, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, patella tracking, pre and post surgical oedema, ankle sprains, athletic preventative injury method, and as a support method.

Sports Massage


Using our education in Sports Massage andInjury assessment, we have the ability to asses and identify injuries to the muscle, ligaments, tendons and fascia which can benefit from Massage Treatment.
We use Swedish Massage and other modalities to target areas of Injury and treat to reduce swelling, relieve pain and breakdown and prevent the build up of Scar Tissue.

We also offer pre and post event massage, which can help stimulate the athlete in preparation for their event, and assist in the healing process after-wards.

Wee Sally’s Therapists are also available to attend Sports events such as Marathons, Football games and Cross Country races to provide post-event treatments.

Senior Massage


Senior massage is beneficial for a number of conditions, including poor posture, which results from muscle tension. Massage improves muscle tone and has a positive impact on muscle strength and coordination. This helps improve stability, which in turn helps to reduce the occurrence of injuries due to falls arising from loss of balance.

Massage has been proven to be beneficial in triggering the relaxation response and has been lauded as an effective treatment for insomnia. Chronic lack of rest can have detrimental effects on mood, cognitive abilities and immune system function.
A gentle massage performed in regular intervals can reduce the need for prescription sleeping aids.

Pregnancy Massage


Many pregnant women suffer the aches and pains of carrying a child for 9 months.
Back and Pelvic pain secondary to pregnancy can be the result of poor posture created by the increased weight load of enlarged breasts, uterus and fetus.
Muscle strain and imbalance.
Myofascial Trigger points.
Fetal Positioning.
Hormonal Effects on ligaments.
Referred pain from Uterine ligaments.

We take extra care to ensure the mothers comfort during her massage.
Elevating her while she lays on her back to relieve ensure that no pressure is placed upon the Vena Cava.

To address the mothers back during massage, we utilise the BodyCushion system to provide comfort and prevent compression of the abdomen. We also perform side-laying techniques, and appropriate draping to ensure the mothers comfort. Side-laying techniques allow us to massage the upper and lower back, as well as the hip and glutes area with no need for the mother to lay on her stomach.

Some additional resources on the benefits of Massage during pregnancy can be found below:


Natural Face-Lift Massage


Natural Face lift Massage involves a sequence of massage techniques which act as a natural facelift with no need for surgery, helping you to look and often feel younger.

Many people suffer facial tension which builds up in the facial muscles causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

Sadly it wont make you 18 again, BUT what it can do is:

  • Improve skin suppleness

  • Reduce and release muscle tension in the face and jaw

  • Reduce expression lines and wrinkles

  • Relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain

  • Tone and tighten the skin and underlying muscles

  • Stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity

  • Aid lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells

  • Aid the removal of dead skin cells

  • Improve and reduces acne

  • Maintain a fresh, youthful appearance

  • Promote blood circulation

  • Enhance mental and physical relaxation

  • Aid lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness

Not convinced?
Why not review the following article which compares and rates alternative facial treatments, Face Lift Massage is the third treatment mentioned:


Indian Head Massage


Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing, practiced by Indian families for thousands of years, IHM provides relaxation and enormous health benefits. The aim is to release stress that has accumulated in tissues, muscles and joints of the face, head, neck, shoulders and back. The treatment lasts around 30 minutes, you are seated in a massage chair or laying on the table, and can remain fully clothed, a range of massage techniques are used some of which are traditional Indian techniques like ‘champi’.

Thai Foot Massage


Thai foot massage dates back to the mid 19th century when Buddhist monks were developing a range of complimentary therapies for the King.

As the client, throughout the treatment, you do absolutely nothing. no moving or turning over etc. simply drift away and completely indulge yourself in the art of thai foot massage.

This is a very balancing treatment for the lower legs and feet, along the same lines as reflexology. The main difference is that not only does the therapist use her hands but they also use a specifically designed stick. Pointed at one end, blunt at the other. This is used to work those reflex points but also gives a little more pressure.

Although this is a foot and leg treatment it is great for the whole body. It eases the mind and releases stored energy making your body feel replenished and refreshed when you leave. It is a brilliant stress reliever and can help improve sleeping patterns. If you suffer from Insomnia this is the treatment for you.

Table Thai Massage


Table Thai massage is an adaptation of the Traditional Thai Massage that is performed on a couch/bed rather than on the floor. During Table thai the client is fully clothed and no oil/lotion is used. Thai massage combines rhythmic rocking, compressions, acupressure and assisted yoga-like stretches to help lengthen shortened muscles and bring the body back into a state of balance. 

A lot of Thai work isn’t just using your hands & fingers, we use our palms, thumbs, knuckles, forearms, knees, heels & feet. This treatment is perfect for those with a larger muscle mass as conventional massage is sometimes more difficult, but anyone who enjoys deeper pressure and good, long stretches will love it!

Thai Herb Compress


Thai herbal compress massage has a lot in common with Table Thai & Thai foot massage but with an added Ooomf! The thai compresses consist of a mixture of herbs and spices specially blended together to enhance your massage experience. There are a variety of different herbs which can be used in any compress, depending upon the clients needs and/or any allergies. As with the table thai, we not only use our hands. We use palms, fingers, forearms, & feet.

The herbal compress not only adds a lovely aroma to the treatment but they are steamed 5/10 minutes before they are used on the body. The heat from the compress warms the muscle allowing for deeper work more quickly. It can be used to work deep for those needing more structured and deep work or can be gently rolled and kneaded into the muscles as the ultimate indulgence.

Chinese Cupping


Cupping Therapy has many benefits. The most obvious on is that it encourages blood flow.

So if you suffer from poor circulation this would be perfect for you!

Other benefits include; Pain relief, relaxation of stiff muscles, Myofascial release, Improved skin tone, Improves lymph drainage & improves the repair of ligaments and tendons (they have limited blood supply so using over a tendon/ligament will really help repair any damage)

This treatment can be used for specific aches & pains or just combined with light massage for some relaxation. It works wonders with deep tissue work for any niggles you may have and also allows hands on work to be performed while the cups are on. Its an all round great treatment but don't take my word for it, come see for yourself.